12,000 LEDs for free……One man’s trash is hacklocal’s Treasure


We recently picked up a discarded outdoor LED sign. The internals were gone and all that was left were the LED boards. One LED board was also missing, likely the culprit for this sign’s disposal. In any event, there are 50 boards with 256 LEDs each totaling 12,800 LEDs. Designs are now in the works to turn this piece of refuse into something amazing. Design ideas are welcome in the comments section, but here are the front-runners we have come up with so far:

  • “Tweet-a Fact” : create a public¬†twitter account and display random fact tweets from anyone.
  • Huge Arduino-controlled Pong game
  • IR LED flood light –¬†replace the visible LEDs with IR LEDs and make the world’s biggest IR flood light

What would YOU do with 12,000+ LEDs??