Building a hackerspace movement

hacklocal is a new face and a new direction for an established movement. The hacker and maker movement is alive and well in America, and we want to build upon that foundation. There was a time in the not-too-distant American history where the people of this country were known for creating amazing things with their innovative ideas and unbridled determination. Today, we feel that this spirit of creativity, innovation, and determination is again a defining trait among Americans and we want to foster and cultivate this spirit. We will be launching many initiatives that seek to build, unite, and strengthen hackerspaces and makerspaces in communities throughout the US, while also connecting with others across the globe. Our first hackerspace effort will begin in Pittsburgh, PA and become a model for our vision. With the help of hackers and makers from all walks of life, we will continue to build this movement and ensure its place in history. ‘murica!!