The Filastruder has arrived!

Some assembly required. ..toaster not included…


The filastruder is an amazing little device that turns bits of plastic (ABS, PLA,HDPE,etc.) into 3D printer filament at a fraction of the cost of retail filament spools. In addition, it opens the door to using recycled plastics for filament, given the proper environment and measures (washing the plastics, extrusion filtering,etc.). Similar in design to the lyman filament extruders and the filabot, the filastruder continues the evolution of open-source, consumer level,  manufacturing and rapid-prototyping equipment. Look for a similar device to be offered on which will be designed for recylced raw materials.

12,000 LEDs for free……One man’s trash is hacklocal’s Treasure


We recently picked up a discarded outdoor LED sign. The internals were gone and all that was left were the LED boards. One LED board was also missing, likely the culprit for this sign’s disposal. In any event, there are 50 boards with 256 LEDs each totaling 12,800 LEDs. Designs are now in the works to turn this piece of refuse into something amazing. Design ideas are welcome in the comments section, but here are the front-runners we have come up with so far:

  • “Tweet-a Fact” : create a public twitter account and display random fact tweets from anyone.
  • Huge Arduino-controlled Pong game
  • IR LED flood light – replace the visible LEDs with IR LEDs and make the world’s biggest IR flood light

What would YOU do with 12,000+ LEDs??

First Official Hack

Though many hacks have been undertaken by dijit, this is the first official hack being billed exclusively to hacklocal. What’s the hack?? Take an old, discarded arcade machine and turn it into a MAME box for free use by all hacklocal members and visitors. We shall call this, “freeMAME” and it will be a focal point at our new, yet to be announced, location. There are many motivations for this hack, but I will summarize: it’s cool, it involves re-using thrown out technology, and it will benefit our members and visitors.GT2004


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Things coming together

A lot of things are in the works to make hack local come to life and lately they have been coming together. A potential location has been…..located…and we are in talks to open up shop in the next few weeks. dijit recieved enough votes to be considered for a Chase grant that would provide an amazing opportunity for the hackerspace. In addition, we are applying for several contests and competitions for start-up companies. We also picked up a sweet vehicle to convert into a mobile hack lab. Photos forthcoming.  Keep checking back for more updates, and if you have suggestions or ideas please contact us!


The Pittsburgh Downtown Community Development Corporation (PDCDC)….say that 3 times fast…. is launching a crowd-funding website a la  kickstarter and indiegogo. hacklocal will be launching a campaign once this site gets off the ground, and we hope to raise funds to build our space and programs. Stay tuned for updates and links!

Building a hackerspace movement

hacklocal is a new face and a new direction for an established movement. The hacker and maker movement is alive and well in America, and we want to build upon that foundation. There was a time in the not-too-distant American history where the people of this country were known for creating amazing things with their innovative ideas and unbridled determination. Today, we feel that this spirit of creativity, innovation, and determination is again a defining trait among Americans and we want to foster and cultivate this spirit. We will be launching many initiatives that seek to build, unite, and strengthen hackerspaces and makerspaces in communities throughout the US, while also connecting with others across the globe. Our first hackerspace effort will begin in Pittsburgh, PA and become a model for our vision. With the help of hackers and makers from all walks of life, we will continue to build this movement and ensure its place in history. ‘murica!!